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All items will start at $1. The auction will last for 2-3 days. Auction lengths may change around holidays. It is at Bid 1 Up’s discretion on how long an auction will last. At the end of the auction, the auction time will reset to 2 minutes if anyone bids in the last 2 minutes.

Terms and Conditions of Buying
All buyers are required to register on-line and fill out the appropriate forms before buying. All bidders must be at least 18 years of age to bid. One or two forms of payment via credit card is required to bid
Every item will be listed with a stock photo (a photo from the internet) and a few photos of the item we are selling. The stock photo may be the exact same type of item or something very similar. It may vary in color or model and may or may not have all accessories in the stock photo. We will do our best to inform you in the notes if something is missing. The lot will include what the retail value of the item is, a short description of the lot, and the condition of the lot.
The condition of the lot will be determined by Bid 1 Up and is a subjective determination of the condition of the lot. The lot will have a condition that is either LIKE NEW, OPEN BOX, or DAMAGED.

Condition of the lots are as follows:
LIKE NEW: The item looks to have never been used, has minimal signs of handling, and tested for power only. Items that take power will not be tested for functionality. Large items that only take 110 power will be tested for some functionality. Example: a refrigerator will be tested to make sure it is cooling down in temperature. There is no guarantee that the item is like what it was when it is brand new. Items that take batteries may or may not be tested and the condition of the item will be determined by how the item looks. Large items that have never been opened and with minimal signs of damage to the box will be considered like new and only pictures of the box will be displayed.

OPEN BOX: The item may or may not have missing pieces, may or may not have been used, or sometimes we just don’t know if the item has missing pieces. The item may or may not have minor scratches or dents. The item is not fully tested unless otherwise stated in the notes.

DAMAGED: Noticeable damage upon opening the box. The item does not power on. It is up to you (the bidder) to determine whether or not you wish to bid and buy this item. There is no guarantee that this item is fixable.

Viewing items to bid
Items can be view without bidding. Simply download the app. or go on the PC to Click on the upcoming sales, choose a sale to look at and view all items in sale. The apps can be downloaded from the google play store or the apple app store and searching Bid 1 Up.

To bid on an item, you must register to bid and enter a valid credit card. Once you have done that, you will click on the auction you want to view, and agree to the terms and conditions of the sale for every auction you wish to bid. All bids will start at $1. You may place a reserve on a item. The computer will automatically place the lowest possible bid for you. Example: No one has bid on an item and you are willing to bid up to $20 on the lot. The computer will only place a $1 dollar bid on that item. If another bidder places a $5 bid then your bid will increase to $6 and you will still reserve the item up to $20. If someone places a $20 bid the person who placed the first $20 bid will stay at $20 and be the winner. All bids Start at $1 up to $100. Over $100 will go in increments of $5 up to $300. Bids over $300 will go in increments of $10 up to $500. Any bid over $500 will go in increments of $20.

Auction Fees
All Auctions have fees. We charge $2 on every item won and 15% on each item. Sales tax will be applied to every item as per the state. There is no charge to bid. Charges only apply to the lots won. Example: An item retails for $300 and you the bidder win the bid for $50. You will pay $59.50 (50 +7.50(15%) + 2) plus sales tax.

Picking up the items won
It is the buyer’s responsibility to make sure they have picked up all the items they have purchased. If sending someone else other than the buyer to pick up their items, they must have the invoice from the purchase with the person picking up the item. You will have 3 business days after the auction ends to pick up the item. Any item going past the 3-day period will be considered abandoned and no refund will be given. The item will be returned to Bid 1 Up and resold in a future auction.

Return Policy
Any item listed as open box or damaged may not be returned. Item’s listed like new may be returned if the item is different then what it is listed as or not in working order. The item must be returned with in 7 days of the auction in which it was sold. Refunds will be credited back to the card in which the purchase was made.

Buyer’s responsibilities
You the buyer are expected to know your own limitations when picking up an item in our warehouse/store or in the parking lot. We are not responsible for injuries that may incur from picking up items. If you need assistance with an item, please ask for help. We will assist you in getting your item out to your vehicle. We will not be responsible for any damages to your vehicle if you need help loading them. We will not help load item into or onto a vehicle that is considered dangerous when transporting the item. It is the buyer’s responsibility to bring the appropriate means of transportation to safely transport the item. Items in the warehouse may be stacked high or leaning. You must ask for help with these items. We want our customers to safely get their items home without injuring themselves or others.

Pallet Auctions
Pallet auctions will have pictures only of items that are damaged or of items we did not sell. The items will not have the condition of the items placed inside. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to pick up all the items in the pallet. We can not hold the items for you the buyer. We will assist you with getting the items to an area where you can load them into your vehicle.

Expired or out of date item
Bid 1 Up will do it’s best to find expiration dates on items. If it is listed on the item, we will place that in the notes of the listing. Not all expiration dates can be listed on the items. It is the buyer’s responsibility of how they use that item and will not be the responsibility of Bid 1 up.

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